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Firmware: TSD80, TSD130 und MCI42

Hier finden Sie den aktuellen Firmware Build sowie ältere Firmware Builds für die Produkte TSD80, TSD130 und MCI42 zum herunterladen.

Aktuelle Firmware (Build_FW2096_FF2202)

application/zip Build FW2096 FF2202 (17,8 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2096 FF2202 (88,6 KiB)

  • Global Trigger allows flexible trigger selection for the positions latch feature
  • High resolution PWM
  • Support Motor Temperature Sensor Type “KTY83”
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware Build_FW2087_FF2148

application/zip Build FW2087 FF2148 (8,2 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2087 FF2148 (87,9 KiB)

  • Support for TSD80 HR02 and HR03
  • Support for TSD130 HR03
  • Support for TSD80 / TSD130 EtherCat
  • Limit switch and Homing modules
  • Optimized USB driver
  • ...
  • (see releaseNotes for details)


Firmware Build_FW2077_FF2088

application/zip Build FW2077 FF2088 (2,7 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2077 FF2088 (85,4 KiB)

  • support for TSD80 HR01 and HR02
  • stop support for old register access method
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Firmware Build_FW2076_FF2086

application/zip Build FW2076 FF2086 (2,7 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2076 FF2086 (90,8 KiB)

  • absolute register concept improves reverse compatibility (including URI persistence)
  • rework on encoder interface
  • PWM with option module TOU1 with axis.commands.general.optionModuleStream
  • fixed some bugs
  • (see releaseNotes for details)

Firmware Build_FW2071_FF1471

application/zip Build FW2071 FF1471 (2,8 MiB)

application/pdf ReleaseNotes FW2071 FF1471 (89,3 KiB)

  • this is a mandatory Firmware update.
  • new controller structure.
  • persistent localbus
  • (see releaseNotes for details)